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Best Website Security Software

January 04, 2018 | By Admin

Website Security Software

The best website security software can be defined as an application that can keep your websites, web servers and web applications safe, and protects them from hacks and malware. It must provide proactive protection and block threat actors and malicious attempts before they compromise your website, web servers, and applications.

In the recent times, website malware attacks have witnessed a sharp rise and have drawn the huge attention of online users. Malware is the general term for several variants, and almost all malware variants are used for malicious activities by hackers. The website scanning can check a website for malware and reveal the hidden malware.

Usually, malware infects website, web servers, and application through phishing emails, malicious online advertising that contains malware payload, and software downloads from untrusted sources.

A simple search reveals the availability of hundreds of "malware scanning" tools. And many of them charge a hefty amount for malware removal. But "removal" is not a permanent solution. Your website can still get hacked and affected by malware. The infected website can bring a whole department or the entire organization to a grinding halt.

So, what is the solution? The solution is ensuring protection with Website Security Software. And antivirus solutions are not the right solution to protect your website.