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Automated Website Backup

Just enter your FTP or SFTP details and you will have a complete website backup of your site. Your backups will be scheduled also, so no more manual backups, that's all taken care of automatically. And you are in full control of when your daily, weekly, monthly backups take place.

Restore Backup

In case of a disaster moment, you can restore a clean version of your website with one click or manually download copies of your backups to a local storage.

Scheduled Backup

Schedule your backups at a time that works for you on daily, weekly, monthly basis. cWatch also provides you to start on demand backups.

Alerts on failure to backup

cWatch notifies you on every successful backup, or only when there is a failure.

View File Stats
View File Stats

cWatch tracks any change to your website files giving you chance to verify that all file changes in the latest release are correct before planning a rollback.

Secure Storage
Secure storage

We keep your website and database files in encrypted storeges (AES 256-bit encryption). All backups are stored on Amazon Web Services data centers that have mulitple security and data protection certifications.

Incremental Backups
Incremental Backups

We keep latest changes to your website, by this way you can always access fresh backups in case of an issue.

Retain Backups
Retain backups for 90 days

We ensure you to retain backups for 90 days. You can restore a complete website backup of your site by date going back in 90 days.

Exclude File Paths from Backup
Exclude File Paths/Types

You can skip directories and file paths from backups if needed.

Website Check
Built in malware, blacklist, vulnerability scanning

cWatch checks your website for known malware, blacklisting status, missing security headers status, vulnerabilities and malicious codes.

Built CDN
Built in Content Delivery Network

When you get cWatch backup then cWatch CDN comes free with it. cWatch CDN caches your website content automatically to speed up your site and protect against DDoS attacks.


Will My Storage Size Limit

The Benefits With My Plan?

All of our plans come with the same comprehensive features that small, medium or even complex websites need to have a complete website backup service. The days of comparing plans side by side are over-eliminate the guess work and just choose the right plan depending on your storage needs.

Website Backup
All Plans Include
  • File, folder backup
  • Entire data backup
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Scheduled and on-demand backups
  • One click automatic restore
  • Download to local storage
  • File Stats
  • Exclude File Paths/Types
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Incremental Backups
  • 90 Days of Retention
  • Built in malware, blacklist, vulnerability scanning
  • Built in content delivery network
  • Alerts on success/failure
  • Expert 24/7 customer support

The Facts


Accidental or intentional things break websites

and having insurance against either one is as easy as just backing up all of your files

Break Websites
Automatic Backups

Do less and gain peace of mind

Schedule automatic backups that will scan each file for any malicious code

Let the experts store it

Website Backup services powered by Comodo a leader in cyber security. Website protection Is what we do, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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