Why do you need cWatch for website malware removal?

cWatch is the only website malware removal service that uses certified cybersecurity experts to remove malware from your website, for free. Our experts will find and remove all malware from your site, repair damage caused by hackers, and find and filter out advanced attacks and spam.

Join cWatch, the world's most secure website safety solution with 30days guaranteed no hassle refund policy. We stand behind our service, period

30 days Free Trial


$7.92 month
CDN Site Boost Hint200/Gbps
Lvl 1 Support24 / 7 / 365
Web App FirewallTick
Unlimited Malware RemovalTick
Auto Site ScanningTick
Virtual Patching HintClose
Expert Security Tuning HintClose
30 days Free Trial


$19.92 Month
CDN Site Boost Hint500/Gbps
Lvl 1 Support24 / 7 / 365
Web App FirewallTick
Unlimited Malware RemovalTick
Auto Site ScanningTick
Virtual Patching HintTick
Expert Security TuningTick

  • Quick and Responsive Support

    A Team of cybersecurity experts is standing by to fix your site—24/7

  • Affordable

    We will remove malware from your site for FREE, then offer you completely optional, affordable plans to keep your site protected in the future

  • Website Malware Removal

    Our containment technology ensures we find and remove all threats—even unknown malware

  • Blacklist Warning Removal

    Browsers and search engines blacklist hacked sites to protect users. We’ll work to get your site removed from the blacklist

  • Repair SEO Spam

    We will find and remove any spam keywords in your site

Our website firewall is well defined and organized to obstruct attacks and protect the website.

Website Malware Removal

Block Malware attempts

Website code which has flaws are vulnerable to any kind of malware attack. It filters the website traffic to block malicious attacks.

Obstruct Brute Force

There are possibilities for any website to get attacked by automated hacking methods. Your website can be abused, in any case when a malicious software gains access to the login credentials.

Stops Zero Day Exploits

New types of vulnerabilities and malwares have been identified every other day. Our system works efficient to obstruct malicious behavior even when there is no patch.

Mitigate DDoS Attacks

We ensure to obstruct layer 7 (HTTP Flood), and layer 3 and 4 as well. Hence the Distributed Denial of Service is mitigated preventing the impacts on downtime.

Our system includes monitoring and scanning of website to prevent website getting hacked

Malware & Blacklists

We are efficient to scan websites on any signs of hacks and alerts from blacklist admins. This would help you to react instantly with the help from our analysts.

Robust & Lightweight

Our monitoring system is quick, instant and light in weight for any environment and is consistent to address the malware attacks.

Alerts & Reports

The alert system promts you through SMS,  email, RSS or Slack. We also help you by generating weekly or monthly reports through mail.

If you have a Content Delivery Network (CDN) ?

Our system is flexible to integrate with your current provider. This gives you a leverage of taking the protection system from us and performance benefits as well. Our experts are out there to get the configuration done.

Instant HTTP/2 Support

With just a click on the cWatch dashboad, you can enhance the speed by permitting simultaneous downloads over HTTP/2.

Robust Caching Options

We deliver 4 different levels of content caching available and enhance your website speed; much designed to deliver the demands of your website.

Increased Optimized Configuration

The system delivers settings that are fine tuned to deliver you enhanced performance and security with customized options available.

Enhance website protection viewpoint to establish and boost your revenue, customer trust and brand reputation.

PCI Compliant Firewall

Using a website application firewall ensures PCI compliance. We are the best PCI compliant service provider.

Brand Loyality

Data breaches can blow down your brand name. Regaining the brand name in the industry demands a huge investment in reputation management and marketing.

SSL Encryption

We deliver SSL certificates. We ensure to provide support to the existing SSL certificates. SSL ensures data encryption and security in transit.

Filtered Traffic

The cWatch Firewall safeguards your website with proactive defense mechanism, providing patching and hardening metodology.

Update Your Website Regularly

Ensure that the website software is updated regularly when new patches are released. Ensure that the website has no security warnings and if found, it is advisable to fix the security warnings. Our experts are well equipped to provide guidance on the same.

Ensure Website Backups

Ensure that you take a backup of the website to save business and customers’ credential from data loss. Website backup stands critical, our team will help you take up affordable website backups.

Change Passwords

Change of passwords are automated to protect any vulnerable user accounts by prompting to do the password change across your site, host, CMS, and database.

Run Antivirus Programs

Ensure to run a robust antivirus program as there are a higher probability of websites getting infected by malware.

Configure Monitoring

Enable website monitoring and scanning to get notified when there happens any unwanted changes to your website content or SSL or DNS records.

Activate Web Application Firewall and CDN

Website application firewall ensure to keep the site safe and secure keeps hackers out. The CDN (Content Delivery Network) enhances page load time.