Proactive Ways To Detect A Hack Before Google or Your Customers Notice

Trust Your Browser!

If your website, or for that matter any website that you browse, is hacked, your browser, in all probability, would alert you. So trust your browser.

Trust Your Hosting Provider!

If a website is hacked, the hosting provider would most likely receive reports from visitors to the website or get alerts from their own security tools and block the website immediately. They would also inform you as soon as they take the action.

Above all, Trust Comodo

cWatch Is Designed To Check And Prevent Hacking.

Comodo Web Inspector does website scanning using advanced, cloud-based malware scanning technology. It helps detect security holes and vulnerabilities and looks for malicious codes on a website. It also monitors a website for blacklisting and gives warnings before a website gets blacklisted. It has features like Daily Malware Scanning, Blacklist Monitoring, PCI Compliance Scanning, Trust Seal & Customer Support etc, all of which help find answers to the "Is my website hacked?" kind of questions.

Comodo cWatch has a Cyber Security Centre which works 24x7 and monitors websites, provides website malware removal help and deals with security incidents. You can use Comodo cWatch for website scanning so as to check for malware online and also to block attacks of all kinds. This includes DDoS attacks, SQL Injection, cross-site scripting etc. Professional help is offered with a team of experts available round the clock to help you out.

Fighting website malware becomes easy with Comodo cWatch. Check website security, scan for malware and vulnerabilities and fix issues.

Stay alert, do regular website scanning and whenever there's an issue, take timely action. Protect your business!!!

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