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How to Clean a Hacked Joomla Site
December 07, 2022

How to Fix, Clean & Secure a Hacked Joomla Site! If your website host or browser has blocked your Joomla! website - it means that your website could contain malware. You must...

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday holiday cyber crimes
December 06, 2022

Beware Of Fraud Attempts Our favorite season of the year is around the corner and many online shopping deals are difficult to pass over. Shoppers look for exciting offers to ...

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Five Ways to Avoid Getting Hacked This Holiday Season
December 05, 2022

How to Avoid Being Hacked? With the holiday season around the corner; it's good to prepare for holiday sales with proper website security. An attack that's targe...

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Website Security Attacks
December 04, 2022

Most Common Website Security Threats Website Security Attacks - New approaches to cyberattacks are coming out every other day. This is causing companies, groups, and people t...

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Website Protection: World’s Best Website Security Protection Software
December 01, 2022

Why is Website Protection Important Today? Website Protection is crucial for any website to prevent hackers and other cyber-threats from retrieving any sensitive informatio...

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Check Website for Malware – Online Website Malware Scanner & Detector
December 01, 2022

Best Website Virus Checker - How to Scan Website for Malware Check Website for Malware - One of the major drawbacks of owning a website is that it could be attacked anytime b...

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How to Fix Hacked WordPress Website Instantly?
November 30, 2022

Fix Hacked WordPress Website WordPress is an open-source, content management system that is free to use and is the easiest and most popular way to create your blog or websi...

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Check Your Website Security Before Its Too Late!
November 24, 2022

Website Security Check 2022 You've probably tried to visit a website before, only to find that your browser has blocked the site because one or more of its webpages contains ...

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WordPress Blog Hacked? Stay Calm!
November 22, 2022

If your WordPress blog is hacked, there are chances of you getting frustrated and even going insane. In such scenarios, you will have to employ a pragmatic approach and learn ...

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