As the growing number of victims alert the Internet about their experiences, the hackers are working hard to create more creative and trickier website threats everyday. In addition to blocking malicious code, inappropriate websites, and targeted attacks, security managers also need to protect an increasingly mobile workforce that demands access to new Web 2.0 and cloud-based consumer applications—all while keeping their company safe and networking costs.

A website's service can vary from its industry and its main focus. Though, majority of websites now accepts online payments which is what a hacker's dream is made of. Most of the hackers want money and reputation in their wicked community. They will do their best to steal from innocent online business owners. The unfair burden will be left to the responsibility of online business owners.

Website Security Software

The Benefits of Web Security as a Service

If the website was infected by a malware, the website owner can expect fear, confusion, and anger in the situation. The malware isn't only hard to remove, but its side effects are also irritating. Website search engines will warn legitimate users about the malware infected website. When that happens, that can surely deplete its financial resources. Website owner can't let that happen to their online business.

Therefore, a web security as a service tool can help you fight back malicious hackers who wants to destroy your business. The following benefits of a website security as a service tool can help you win over any malware attack:

  • A web security as a service tool can prevent your hosting provider from disabling your website.
  • A web security as a service tool can protect your website from being blacklisted in web browsers.
  • A web security as a service tool can fix a website that is sending emails on its own.
  • A web security as a service tool can avoid malware from redirecting you and your users to other inappropriate websites.
  • A web security as a service tool can increase your website loading speed.
  • A web security as a service tool can defend your website design from vandalizing hackers.
  • A web security as a service tool prevents malicious and strange folders and files within your website layers.
  • A web security as a service tool can work very well for your reputation in Google.

The Effective Malware Cleaner Recommendation

Comodo cWatch is here to makeall of that tedious and complicated steps easier. It is a fully managed solution from a 24/7 staffed Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) of certified security analysts and is powered by a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) that leverages data from over 85 million endpoints to detect and mitigate threats before they occur. It is designed into a package where it has Managed Security Service for websites and applications that combines a Web Application Firewall (WAF) provisioned over a Secure Content Delivery Network (CDN).

We care for your website. It's important to understand what are the technical terms within the cWatch web security as a service features. Here's a brief description of each features:

  • Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC)

    Your team of always-on certified cybersecurity professionals providing 24x7x365 surveillance and remediation services.

  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

    The web security as a service tool has an advanced intelligence leveraging current events and data from 85M+ endpoints & 100M+ domains.

  • Secure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    Global system of distributed servers boost performance of websites and web applications.

  • PCI Scanning

    The web security as a service PCI Scanning enables merchants and service providers to stay in compliance with PCI DSS.

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    The web security as a service tool is a powerful, real-time edge protection for web applications and websites providing advanced filtering, security and intrusion protection.

  • Malware Monitoring & Remediation

    The web security as a service tool identifies malware, provides the tools and methods to remove it, and helps to prevent future malware attacks.

On the top on all the benefits from cWatch web security as a service tool, you'll get the initial test for free! No need for credit cards. We created a plan that suits any interested online entrepreneurs to increase their website security as a service. The Comodo cWatch Web contains unique sophisticated web security as a service features that are not available in other web security as a service tools.