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How To Tell If a Website is safe , Website Safety

From shopping online to managing our finances, or just connecting on social, we are completely dependent on websites. Rather naïvely, we also traded our “trust” for those...

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Ransomeware Attack

As an investment, cybersecurity can cost as low as $25 dollars. A breach, however, can cost thousands of dollars. The choice is yours. That was the lesson learned by a small cit...

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Millions of Cryptojacking Victims: Are You One

Bitcoin… Blockchain… Cryptocurrency… and Now Cryptojacking! I know what you’re thinking… I have nothing to do with these technologies, why should I care?...

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Website Security

Many people believe that their websites are safe and that they will not be attacked by hackers. They live with the assumption that their business is too small to be hacked. The time has come to do ...

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website vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessment enables recognizing, categorizing and charact...

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