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Due to advanced hacking techniques, many websites are getting infected with malicious contents. If left unfixed, users who visit the website can catch malware on their computer. Knowing this, many people are wondering, "Is this website safe or not?"

What Are the Risks of Unsafe Websites?

If you don't take caution when you go online and ask yourself, "Is this website safe or not?", you may fall victim to the following social engineering techniques:

Phishing URL

A phishing URL is a deceptive link that redirects users to unwanted pages. It looks authentic and often promises free downloads.

Website Safe or Not


Malvertising is a term for advertisements that install malicious software, including trojans, ransomware, rootkits, and spyware, silently in the background.

Drive-By Downloads

Users who don't check website reputation can easily fall victim to drive-by downloads. This is when the website secretly installs malware the moment the webpage loads.

Malware Infections

One of the reasons hackers insert malicious codes on websites is to hack as many computers as possible. Malware creates backdoor access for hackers to control the computer without being exposed.

What Are the Ways to Check?

Google Browsing

Google provides a tool for users to check website reputation before loading it. It's called Google Safe Browsing. It examines if the website is unsafe and warns you. Just copy and paste the URL into Google Safe Browsing if you find yourself asking, "Is this website safe or not?"

Comodo Website Inspector

Comodo Website Inspector is a free website scanner that deep scans any website for malware, phishing URLs, malvertising, and infected pop-ups. Using Comodo Website Inspector, you can avoid malware-infected websites.

If you happen to be a website owner, you can take advantage of its additional feature, which is Website Hack Repair. Comodo Website Inspect fixes a website for free. You can clean up your website of malicious contents so your visitors will never have to wonder, "Is this website safe or not?"


VirusTotal is another free website scanner that allows you to check website reputation, particularly if the website is not HTTPS encrypted. It scans websites for malicious contents to prevent malware infections.

VirusTotal also allows you to scan applications for free. If you don't have anti malware software and you want to verify if the software you have downloaded is safe, you can scan it using VirusTotal.

How to Prevent Website Hacks With Comodo cWatch

Comodo cWatch is a reputable website security software that prevents a website from getting hacked. With multi-layered defense, Comodo cWatch detects and blocks different types of malware from a website.

  • Malware Removal.
  • Content Delivery Network.
  • Security Incident Event Management.
  • Web Application Firewall.
  • Cyber Security Operations Center.

Malware Removal

Malware Detection and Removal is the first level of security that prevents any type of malware from getting through the website. By collecting and logging the details of the threat detected, it prevents similar attacks from occurring. Users who visit your website will trust your website and never have to ask, "Is this website safe or not?"

Content Delivery Network

Comodo cWatch also accelerates your website through CDN servers. It speeds the web content delivery, boosting your search engine ranking.

Security Incident Event Management

To prevent users from asking, "Is this website safe or not?", data analysis is important. Comodo cWatch utilizes your data by using it to tailor website security. It reviews network and web server data to track potential threats and unusual activities. Through data analysis, it detects any website components that need patching.

Web Application Firewall

The web application firewall protects your website from DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and Cross-Site Scripting. It filters traffic to detect unusual activities that can interrupt the web server. Also, it scans websites, web servers, and networks for system vulnerabilities and virtually patches them. Those websites that have made users wonder, "Is this website safe or not?", probably have unknown vulnerabilities that hackers exploited.

Cyber Security Operations Center

With Comodo Security experts monitoring and maintaining your website, users won't ask themselves, "Is this website safe or not?" Our security experts provide real-time solutions and support 24/7. If you encounter any problem with your website, we will fix it right away.


Automatic redirection, unwanted pop-ups, and ads will make your visitor wonder, "Is this website safe or not?" If you notice those signs on your website, get it fixed right away.

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