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If your website gets infected with malware, finding and removing malware could be tricky. But it needs to be done; otherwise, malware will ruin your website. Fortunately, there are effective website malware detection techniques you can try.

Four Website Malware Detection Techniques

1. Review Your Source Code

If you suspect that your website is infected with malware, one of the best website malware detection techniques is to review your source codes. Using an administrative tool provided by your website hosting company, you should be able to check and scan your websites for malicious codes. Watch out for unfamiliar codes that open unwanted pages. Usually, malicious Iframes are set to "hidden" or "none" status.

Website Malware Detection

2. Manually Check Your Files

Another good website malware detection technique is to go through your files, particularly, .php files and media files, as those are the common files that hackers target. Because you have to go through the files one by one, expect that this process will take a while. But it guarantees successful website malware detection.

3. Use a Website Malware Scanner

If you want an easier way to detect malware on your website, use a website malware scanner. It will automatically scan your website for malicious contents such as malware, phishing URLs, SEO spam, malvertising, and infected pop-ups.

You can find a free website malware scanner on the internet to scan your website. Some website malware scanners offer free malware removal, which you should take advantage of to restore your website to its clean state. That will prevent your website from getting blacklisted.

4. Website Security Software

The best website malware detection tool is website security software. Not only will it scan your website for malware, but it will also remove it. If you want to clean your website, use website security software.

It provides website malware protection, so your website stays malware free. Website security software also has an automated website backup. In case you encounter any problem with your website and it crashes, you can recover content in no time.

By following these website malware detection techniques, you can detect and remove malware from your website. The process can get technical. If necessary, seek professional help for complete malware removal.

The reputation of your website is important in SEO. Malware, SEO exploits, and phishing links lower your search engine rankings. If your website gets a negative reputation, as mentioned above, it might get blacklisted.

Website blacklist removal is also a long process. As much as possible, try to avoid it. If you need help with removing malware from your website, look for a trusted website security solution.

How Can Comodo cWatch Help?

If your website is infected with malware and you are looking for advanced website malware detection, Comodo cWatch is recommended for you. It consists of advanced website malware detection tools that can detect hidden malware on your website. It also detects malvertising, phishing links, and infected pop-ups. If you want to get rid of unwanted elements on your website, Comodo cWatch will do it for you.

As a website owner, you don't want hackers replacing valuable contents on your website. So it is important to keep your website protected at all times. Comodo cWatch, equipped with advanced security tools, provides complete website malware protection. It can detect malware and potential cyber attacks before they even occur.

Comodo cWatch will constantly monitor your website and web server. To protect your website from DDoS attacks, it also monitors your data traffic. If there's unusual traffic, cWatch will instantly notify you. It will also regularly scan your website for system vulnerabilities and patch them to harden your website.

Comodo cWatch doesn't just provide complete website malware protection, but it also improves your SEO ranking. Comodo cWatch can accelerate your website content delivery through CDN servers. Consequently, it improves your SEO ranking, allowing you to reach more audiences.

If an unfortunate incident does occur, Comodo cWatch has a secure website backup platform that automatically applies the latest changes made to your website, so you can recover contents without a problem. You never have to worry about backing up your website manually.


Website malware detection is important and delaying it can possibly result in your website getting blacklisted, which will ruin your website reputation. The efforts you invested in building your website will go to waste.

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