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As a website owner, you have to care about more than just providing great content. Given the devastating effects that data breaches and hacks have had on the privacy and financial wellbeing of people, it is important that you guarantee the safety and privacy of your users.

A great way to mitigate the damage that any potential hacks and malware infections can cause to both your users and your data is to be on a constant lookout for signs of a hack. Doing this will ensure that you fix any potential vulnerabilities as soon as possible, and it can also allow you to get rid of malicious scripts and software before any extensive damage is caused. The following are tips that will come in handy in helping to ensure that you limit the effects of an attack before any significant damage is done.

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Look out for any unauthorized changes in your website content

An early sign that things are not right is that you will start to see strange content on your website. This may be pages that you have not created or content that is added to your existing content and which you did not add yourself. Sometimes, these changes take the form of the addition of active links to existing content. Other times, it is just the appearance of advertisements that you did not place on your website.

While in most cases these changes are significant enough for you to notice, there are times when they are subtle. Malicious scripts are sometimes designed to behave this way in order to avoid detection. In such cases, you may need to use monitoring software that tracks and alerts you of any strange changes to your website. Such software will be able to pinpoint even the tiniest of changes, and this should be enough to get you to take action. The fact that a good number of these services are available for free makes this the easiest and most affordable way to check if you have been hacked.

Constantly track outages

Hacking attacks tend to cause websites to go down. This happens especially in cases where they flood a targeted website with so much fake traffic that they overwhelm the website. Therefore, if your website goes down for no reason at all, it is likely that it is under a hacking attack

Constantly checking to see if your website is live is overwhelming. In fact, doing so manually is ineffective. A good way to do this is to simply install software or a plugin that constantly checks it automatically. And when this software detects that your website is suffering an outage, it will send you a notification. You can then spring into action in order to determine whether it is an attack or if it is simply an issue with your webserver.

Use Google's Webmaster Tools

Google offers a number of services that help to enhance user safety. One of these is a program that warns people who are surfing the web to beware of a site that contains potentially harmful programs. Therefore, if you are trying to access your own website and you encounter the red screen that is warning you of the presence of potentially harmful programs on your website, then chances are that you have been hacked.

If you sign up for a Google account and register as a webmaster, Google will be able to always notify you if something goes wrong with your website. Therefore, when hackers attack your website and install malicious software, you will always be able to know.

Use advanced hack checking software

While most tools perform different functions that are designed to look for signs of a hack, hack checkers are designed specifically to look for hacks. They tend to be more accurate and in most cases, they are also usually faster.

Furthermore, the best checkers in the market tend to solve the challenge that most of the tools above present. This is because a hack checker can be designed to do its work automatically without needing to be manually prompted to do the check. As a result, you can essentially get rid of malicious code faster way before it has to do damage. Some of these checkers are even advanced enough to warn you of impending attacks. There is also the fact that they can be used to check for vulnerabilities in websites, and this alone allows them to act as effective hacking prevention tools.

Therefore, installing a good hack checker is something that you should consider doing if you care about the privacy and the security of your users.

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