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Website Security Scanner

As technology continues to advance, the need for improved website security also increases. This is because hacking techniques also advance with the advancement in technology. When you do not upgrade your website security, you leave it vulnerable to attack, which can cause serious data breaches.

Websites can be hacked through different methods. To protect your company data and your clients, it is always essential to invest in the market's best site hacker scanner. The need for extra protection and preventative measures is more when you run an e-commerce site. You need to ensure that your site is safe enough to transact and access your client’s banking information.

Site Hacker Scanner

Website scanning

Scanning websites is a safety measure that is required to ensure your website is safe from hackers. Building a website takes a lot of time and resources, and having a security measure in place ensures you do not lose your website to hackers. By scanning your websites regularly, you minimize the chances of security breaches or data loss.

When you initiate a website scan, the scanning software checks for security vulnerabilities and alerts you. This gives you the chance to enhance your security features to address the vulnerability before hackers can exploit it. There are different methods you can use to scan your website.

Custom scan

In a custom website scan, you can choose the areas of your website you choose to scan as opposed to scanning the whole website. You can choose to scan different files and catalogs to check for vulnerabilities. This is a popular option for most website owners because of the freedom it offers.

Quick scan

This is a quick website scan compared to the other options. It is used to scan for specific functions on the website quickly. A quick scan can be used to scan the most active areas of your website, including the files and folders commonly accessed. It is meant to deliver quick vulnerability results even though it can sometimes overlook some vulnerabilities.

Full scan

Even though a quick scan and a custom scan can work most times, it is always advisable to run a full website scan every once in a while. This type of website scan takes longer than the first two and checks for vulnerabilities in every area on your website. Sometimes, a full scan is required to find a vulnerability whose origin is not apparent.

3 major website attacks in 2021

SQL injection attacks

This type of attack has become increasingly common in database-driven sites. An SQL injection attack occurs when a hacker executes an SQL query and issues it to your database. This is delivered from the client to a server through input data. The SQL command is used in the place of the login credentials, allowing the hacker to run their predefined SQL commands.

When an SQL injection hack is successful, the hacker gains access to sensitive information that they can modify, steal, update, or delete. The hacker can also execute administrative processes and issue commands to the operating system. You can install SQL injection detection tools to ensure you stay ahead of any hacking attempts through SQL injection.

Spear phishing and phishing attacks

A phishing attack is one of the oldest hacking techniques, where the hacker uses malicious emails that mimic trusted sources. The aim is to trick the recipient into clicking on a link in the email or download an attachment.

Sphere phishing is more targeted since the hacker requires researching their targets to create a compelling email link or download. This is why sphere phishing is one of the most difficult to protect your website against. A common sphere phishing technique is when hackers clone a legitimate website to trick the user into entering their login details or personal info.


A botnet is a network of devices and computers linked together to achieve a common goal. While one bot cannot do much damage, a network of bots is powerful and very dangerous to a website. Botnets are used by hackers to achieve a wide arrange of attacks. They can be used to initiate a denial-of-service attack where a webpage is flooded with traffic meant to take it offline. These attacks can be detrimental to a business's finances in terms of fines, losses, and client loss.

When looking at ways to prevent cyberattacks on your website, it is important to implement the right software. By investing in the best site hacker scanner, you can ensure you are always ahead of an attack. This is the best way to protect your company and client data.

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