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Website security solutions are important to protect your website from increasing cyber attacks. Without a website security checker, your website might fall victim to the following cyber attacks:

  • SQL Injection.
  • DDoS Attacks.
  • Cross-Site Scripting.
  • Brute Force Attack.
  • Phishing Attack.
  • Malware Attack.
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attack.
Website Security Solution

Those are the most common cyber attacks that you have to protect your website from. Leaving your website vulnerable can possibly result in your website getting blacklisted. Google and other blacklisting authorities protect their users from malicious websites. If they verify that your website is unsafe because it contains phishing URLs, malvertising, infected pop-ups, and SEO spam, they will blacklist it. Your website will disappear from search engines, ruining potential business opportunities. A website blacklist removal is a long process. It’s better to protect your website with website security solutions before it gets hacked.

You also have to protect your clients’ data from getting compromised. If your website gets hacked, your clients’ information is at risk of data theft and you might lose your customers’ trust. If you don’t have a website security solution, it is advisable to invest in one today.

Comodo cWatch Can Protect your Website from Hackers

Comodo cWatch is one of the best website security solutions with multi-layered protection. It never leaves a window open for hackers and cyber attacks.

SQL Injection Protection

Comodo cWatch regularly scans your website and web server for system vulnerabilities and uses virtual patching, preventing SQL injections. It never allows hackers to interfere with your SQL query. Comodo cWatch hardens engines to ensure complete protection against injection attacks.

DDoS Attack Prevention

Comodo cWatch monitors web traffic to detect any unusual activities that can possibly lead to a DDoS attack. The web application firewall filters data transmissions to identify changes in the network. Any malicious activities, such as Brute Force attack or Cross-Site Scripting, will be easily detected and prevented.

Phishing Protection

Comodo cWatch detects phishing attacks on your website with advanced malware detection tools. It consists of multiple scanners that can detect SEO spam, phishing URLs, and other malicious contents that redirect users to unwanted websites. With advanced malware removal tools, Comodo cWatch can easily clean up your website, preventing it from getting blacklisted by blacklisting authorities.

Malware Prevention

Comodo cWatch constantly monitors your website for malware attacks. When suspicious activities are detected, it instantly notifies you, then collects the details of the events and reviews it to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Web Server Hardening

With Comodo cWatch, you won’t have to worry about your web server, because it’s being taken care of. Part of Comodo’s security measures is web server hardening. Comodo cWatch constantly monitors the web server and installs necessary updates to patch possible entry points of malware. So ,the sensitive information stored on your web server is safe from getting modified and stolen.

Automated Website Backup

If you are looking for website security solutions with automated website backup, Comodo cWatch is ideal for you. It has secure storage that automatically applies the latest changes made to your website.

You won’t have to worry about recovering your website content if you ever run into a problem with your website. Comodo cWatch storage is safe and constantly monitored by our security experts to prevent contents from getting stolen.

Website Acceleration

Comodo cWatch uses CDN servers that speed up the website delivery contents, boosting your search engine ranking. It allows you to concentrate more on growing your business and less on website maintenance.

Real-Time Solution

Comodo cWatch is managed by security experts who can provide real-time support and solutions to your website issues. They are available 24/7. They also review and analyze your data to help enhance your website security. With the help of our security experts, you can tailor your website security based on your environment.

Free Website Scanning and Malware Removal

Comodo cWatch offers free malware scanning and removal from your website. If your website suffers from a malware attack or is infected with phishing URLs, malvertising, or other malicious elements, Comodo cWatch can restore your website to its clean state. Do not wait until the problem gets worse.


Website security solutions help you run your business smoothly by preventing varieties of cyber attacks. Invest in a reputable website security solution to protect your website from getting hacked.

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