Expensive website security tools can protect a business. You have to understand how these thing works. With proper knowledge on security can lead to plenty of advantages and benefits. It secures your livelihood, employees, reputation, and most all, your customers.

The Computing Technology Industry Association stated that nearly 90% of companies, who implemented security awareness training among their employees, believe that the security breaches they've encountered has been significantly reduced.

It's good to know that many employees can also prevent cyber attacks by simple identifying early sings of attacks. Along with that, your tools can also work efficiently because they're educated enough on these problems.

The Signs that Website Security Features Work

Website security features are available everywhere on the Internet. You can also be assured that there are affordable options for your website, too. Though, you got to consider the best that will benefit you. There are at least 4 factors to seek in the website security features and they are:

1. Impactless Performance: website security features are supposed to secure your business and improve it, not hinder its growth by presenting various complexities. Therefore the last factor we took into account was the impact these scanning tools have on business productivity.

2. Easy to Use: Most of all, no matter how effective the website security features might be, it can be used to the fullest only if it is easy to use. You don't want another headache by using a difficult vulnerability testing tool.

Website Security Features

3. Threat Detection and Response: This is the main and most important feature that makes the whole malware cleaner. Because, after all, website malware cleaners tools are threat detection and response tools. The speed of detection of a malware cleaner was not the sole factor. How efficiently the tool responded to the discovered threat was also taken into account.

4. Extensive Reporting Capabilities: Extensive reporting plays an important role when it comes to website security features. Because the detailed reporting can still give you information on how to strategize strengthening your website more.

Website security features are unique to each website security tools. They're not created equal. You'll come across different website security features that will suit your website better. Also, these website security tools charges differently. Make sure to decide what's best for you.

Website Security Features Serving its Best

Comodo cWatch a Managed Security Service for websites and applications that combines a Web Application Firewall (WAF) provisioned over a Secure Content Delivery Network (CDN). It helps fight DDOS attacks by DDOS mitigation, a feature that blocks DDOS attacks.Through DDOS mitigation, it allows you to have a smooth website traffic from your faithful users and customers. It is also a fully managed solution from a 24/7 staffed Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) of certified security analysts and is powered by a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) center that leverages data from over 85 million endpoints to identify and mitigate threats before they occur. Its other features are Website Security Monitoring, Web Application Firewall, Malware Removal, and PCI Scanning.

The Benefits of cWatch

cWatch can be very tech-heavy when it comes to its feature. To which, only a few might understand. So here are the important benefits of the features in your business and websites:

Enhancement on Website and Application performance

  • Faster websites & applications
  • Higher search rankings
  • Optimized con#gurations
  • Automated upgrades to best practices

Malware and Threat Detection

  • 24/7 human monitoring
  • Early threat detection
  • Log management and compliance reporting
  • Real-time alerts

Quick Response to Threats

  • Live remediation and event management
  • Malware removal
  • Virtual atching
  • Blacklist removal

Website Protection from Intrusion and vulnerabilities

  • Stop malware attacks & prevent hacks
  • OWASP top 10 protection
  • DDoS attack prevention
  • Zero-day attacks protection

Given the advantages of cWatch, you can rest assured that your website is safe from hackers and malware. Website security protection will keep your brand from being stained and your site from suddenly shutting down. If you want to know more about cWatch, please call us at +1(844) 260-2204.