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Is your website redirecting to another website? There's a chance that it has been hacked and injected with a phishing URL.

What Is a Phishing URL?

A phishing URL is a deceptive link inserted on a website that redirects users to an unwanted page, one that is usually loaded with malicious contents that infect users' computers. If you're wondering why is your website redirecting to another website, it's likely a phishing URL.

Three Ways to Fix Website Redirecting to Another Website

1. Manually Remove the Malicious Code

Website Redirecting to Another Website

One way to fix a website redirecting to another website is by manually removing the malicious code. Look for an unfamiliar javascript. Also, watch out for Iframes set to “hidden” or “none,” as those are common statuses of malicious Iframes. Using the tool provided by your web hosting company, you should be able to scan your source codes and remove malicious codes.

2. Check your Website Directory

Checking your website directory will also help spot malicious files, thus fixing a website redirecting to another website. Go through your website files one by one and look for suspicious scripts. Although this process takes awhile, it helps thoroughly remove malware and phishing URLs from your website.

3. Use Website Malware Removal Tools

Using removal tools is another way to fix a website redirecting to another website. It will scan the website for malicious contents, including phishing URLs, malware, malicious ads, and infected pop-ups, and remove them.

Using website malware removal tools, particularly, website security software, you can clean your website of phishing URLs in no time.

How Does a Phishing URL Affect your Website?

Poor Search Engine Ranking

A website redirecting to another website results in poor search ranking. Search engines — particularly, Google — dislike SEO spam, including phishing links. If search engines find spam on your website, they will rank it low in search results, as they have to protect their users from hackers and cyber threats.

Getting Blacklisted

If you fail to fix your website redirecting to another website, a blacklisting authority might get your website blacklisted. Therefore, your web traffic will drop significantly. Also, website blacklist removal is a difficult process. You have to submit an explanation for re-evaluation and wait patiently for a reply from blacklisting authorities. So, while it's still early, you have to remove the phishing URL from your website.

Negative Website Reputation

If your website has been flagged unsafe by any of the blacklisting authorities, rebuilding your website reputation will be difficult. Also, users whose computers get infected with malware after visiting your website may not visit again. This hurts your SEO.

How to Remove Phishing URLs With Comodo cWatch

If your website is infected with a phishing URL, Comodo cWatch can fix it quickly. It has advanced malware detection and removal tools that detect and remove malicious elements from your website, including phishing URLs, thus fixing the website redirecting to another website.

Comodo cWatch also protects your website from DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and Cross-Site Scripting. Using a web application firewall, Comodo cWatch can monitor your data and web traffic. Any unusual web traffic and activities will be immediately detected, preventing potential cyber attacks from your website.

To prevent phishing URLs that cause a website redirecting to another website, patching system vulnerabilities is also important. Any website can have unknown system vulnerabilities if not scanned regularly.

Comodo cWatch not only scans your website on a regular basis, but it also patches system vulnerabilities. It can detect unused web pages, programs, and services that can serve as entry points of malware. It also detects outdated software and automatically installs the latest updates.

Comodo cWatch can improve your SEO ranking through a CDN server, which speeds up your web content delivery. So, you won't have to worry about accelerating your website, as Comodo cWatch will do it for you.

If you're looking for a secure website backup platform, Comodo cWatch also has a secure storage where you can back up your website content. In case you encounter any problems with your website, you can recover your contents right away.

However, with Comodo cWatch, the chances of your website encountering technical issues and getting hacked are low, as our security experts maintain and monitor your website.


A website redirecting to another website is a sign of a hacked website. If left unfixed, it can possibly result in your website getting blacklisted. So, it is important to get it fixed immediately.

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