How to Discover Broken Links and Threats

Sometimes, problems with your website can go undetected. These may include broken links, website vulnerabilities, and a malware infection. Without a website problem checker, they can remain unfixed and cause more issues with your website.

Effects of Broken Links

  1. Poor Search Engine
  2. Lower Website Traffic
  3. Bad Customer Experience

Risks of Website vulnerabilities

Data Breaches.
* Statistics show that 31% of customers will never trust a company after a fraud experience.

Cyber Attacks.
* 60% of small enterprises shut down after a cyber attack. Malware Infections.

Website Problem Checker

Risks of Malware Infections

  • Lost Revenue.
  • Bad Website Reputation.
  • Getting Blacklisted.

What Can a Website Problem Checker Help?

1. Scan for and Fix Broken Links

A website error checker can help you scan your website for broken links. Your website may have broken links that you are unaware of. These hurt your SEO and cause a bad customer experience, as customers’ online activities get interrupted. That is annoying, particularly if they are in the middle of a registration or purchase.

A website problem online checker not only scans your website for broken links but also fixes them for you. It scans for web pages that are no longer in use. You can then take them down, which frees up space on your web server.

2. Patches System Vulnerabilities

A website analyzer also discovers website and web server vulnerabilities and patches them. By patching all possible entry points of cyber threats, a website problem checker prevents a variety of cyber attacks such as DDoS attacks, Brute Force attacks, Cross-Site Scripting, and SQL Injection, thus preventing data breaches.

A website problem checker can save you from a great deal of trouble brought about by cyber attacks. It enhances your website security by scanning and discovering weaknesses on your website and web server.

3. Prevent Malware Infections

It can prevent your website from getting blacklisted by keeping your website malware free. A hidden malware on your website can slow it down. It can also redirect users to unwanted pages. Malware can execute on users’ computers through your website.

A website problem checker can detect hidden threats on your website. Using malware removal tools, it can get rid of malware and viruses quickly, instantly restoring your website to its clean state.

What Does Comodo cWatch Website Checker Offer?

Comodo cWatch is a reputable website problem checker and website analyzer that can protect your website from cyber attacks.

4. Advanced Malware Detection

Comodo cWatch can detect hidden malware and viruses on your website, as well as phishing URLs that redirect users to malicious pages. It also detects malicious codes, malvertising, and infected pop-ups. Equipped with effective malware removal tools, Comodo cWatch website checker can remove threats from your website quickly, making it malware free.

5. Website Monitoring

Comodo cWatch prevents malware attacks on your website by constantly monitoring it. It filters data transmission, allowing it to detect unusual activities on your website. Comodo cWatch will review and analyze the details of the activities to prevent potential attacks.

6. Web Application Firewall

Equipped with a web application firewall, Comodo cWatch problem checker prevents DDoS attacks, SQL Injections, Brute Force attacks, and Cross-Site Scripting. The web application firewall constantly monitors your data to prevent unwanted traffic. Comodo cWatch uses your data to enhance your website security. By analyzing the data, it determines what your website and web server need to prevent malware infections.

7. Virtual Patching

Website vulnerabilities are one of the common reasons for data breaches, as they provide a gap for cyber threats. But with Comodo cWatch, unknown system vulnerabilities will be discovered and patched immediately.

Comodo cWatch website checker scans your website and web server for vulnerabilities on a regular basis. Through virtual patching, vulnerabilities are taken care of. So, you won’t have to worry about threats getting through. Even the critical data stored on your web server is safe.

8. Website Acceleration

Comodo cWatch website problem checker also helps improve your SEO by accelerating your website. Using CDN servers, your content will reach your audience fast. Boosting your search engine ranking becomes easier, and you can focus more on growing your business.


Upon learning about the consequences of hidden problems on your website, you should get them fixed immediately. Use a trusted website problem checker and website analyzer to repair your website.

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