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A web server is an important component of running a website. It stores valuable contents and makes them available to users. But did you know that a web server can have unknown vulnerabilities that will eventually lead to cyber attacks if it’s not scanned regularly? This is why you need a web server scanner.

Five Reasons to Use a Web Server Scanner

#1: Detects outdated software

In cybersecurity, running an outdated software is dangerous. It leaves a virtual window open for malware infections. Large organizations are aware of it, so they ensure that their software is always up to date.

Any device running outdated software will be susceptible to malware attacks. A web server is not an exemption. Without scanning the web server regularly with a web server scanner, you will overlook software that needs to be updated, which can be exploited by hackers to access your web server. Consequently, your data will be at risk. To ensure that your web server is not running any outdated programs, scan it regularly with a web server scanner.

#2: Detects server vulnerabilities

A web server can have unknown vulnerabilities that serve as entry points of malware. That may include default services, weak passwords, or server misconfigurations. Scanning with a web server scanner is important because you’ll discover unknown system vulnerabilities and it will allow you to patch them immediately.

Hackers use advanced hacking tools to scan web servers, websites, and networks for vulnerabilities. Once discovered, they insert malware. With a web server scanner, your web server is not left vulnerable.

#3: Detects insecure contents

A web server may hold insecure contents like unused web pages or vulnerable user inputs. The latter can be exploited for SQL injections. Removing or patching insecure contents on the web server reduces the risk of cyberattacks. By scanning with a web server scanner, you’ll discover unnecessary and insecure contents that your website can do without. This improves your search engine ranking and speeds up your web server.

#4: Prevents data breaches

Preventing data breaches is probably the number-one reason companies are investing in trusted and effective web security such as website security software and endpoint security software. Protecting your company and clients’ data is important. Otherwise, you will lose your business reputation and eventually, your clients’ trust.

A web server scanner prevents data breaches by detecting a potential source of cybersecurity issues, making it an excellent tool for protecting your data.

#5: Enhances cybersecurity

Companies look for ways to enhance cybersecurity because the saying, “Prevention is better than cure,” also applies in cybersecurity. Indeed, it is easier to prevent cyberattacks than to fix them.

A web server scanner enhances your cybersecurity in different ways, which we have already discussed above. But as a quick recap, a web server scanner detects outdated software, detects server vulnerabilities, and detects insecure contents. These make a web server scanner important.

For advanced web server security, choose cWatch. It is security software that guarantees website and web application server protection.

cWatch scans websites, web servers, and networks for system vulnerabilities and patches them to harden the cybersecurity. So, it never leaves a window open for SQL injections, brute force attacks, and Cross-Site Scripting.

cWatch also prevents DDos attacks by monitoring the flow of web traffic. Through a Web Application Firewall, the normal traffic of your web server is maintained, so you never have to worry about downtime.

cWatch also collects data from websites, web servers, and networks and review them. This detects unusual circumstances that can potentially lead to a cybersecurity issue. The security experts behind cWatch can further investigate and provide real-time solutions.

cWatch also boosts your SEO ranking so you can focus more on your business. Through a CDN server that delivers contents to your website visitors fast, not only can you increase search engine rankings, butut you can also save more bandwidth.

With cWatch, your website and web servers have complete protection against advanced cyberattacks.

Web Server Scanner: Conclusion

A web server plays a vital role in your business. Leaving it vulnerable by overlooking small cybersecurity issues will eventually lead to cyberattacks. Enhance your protection with a web server scanner that can provide comprehensive security. Remember that prevention is always better than cure.

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