Hacking is the primary reason for deploying cybersecurity. A hacking incident can result in a data breach that can eventually lead to other issues such as financial loss and damage to reputation. For that reason, many companies invest in effective security solutions to protect their businesses. Web server security software is a program designed to protect websites and web servers from cyberattacks.

Using different security tools and techniques, web server security software keeps web servers safe.

Web Server Security Software

How Does Web Server Security Software Work?

#1. Vulnerability assessment

Web server security software consists of multiple scanners that scan web servers for system vulnerabilities. Vulnerability assessment is important because through it, system administrators can discover unknown vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to hack a web server.

System vulnerabilities may include weak passwords, default programs or services, and outdated software. Using different hacking techniques, hackers can gain access to sensitive information. But with the help of web server security software, system vulnerabilities are discovered and patched immediately.

#2. System monitoring

Web server security software also constantly monitors websites and web servers to detect and block cyber threats. System monitoring is a strategy to prevent potential attacks against web servers.

If the web server security notices any unusual changes with the server activities, it collects data about the event and notifies the security experts for further investigation. Thus, the security experts can dodge potential cyberattacks.

#3. Web traffic monitoring

Web server security software also monitors web traffic. A firewall is designed specifically to prevent DDoS, or Denial of Service, attacks, which disrupt normal web traffic by flooding web servers with an uncontrollable amount of traffic until the web servers shut down.

The firewall monitors the flow of traffic to prevent unwanted traffic that can disrupt the service. A DDoS attack can make the website temporarily unavailable to users, which is frustrating to them and can cause loss of profit to the site’s owner. Web server security software prevents that from occurring.

#4. Patching and Hardening

Web server security software not only scans web servers for vulnerability, but it also patches it. Web server hardening enhances its security, and patching is a part of it. By patching the possible entry points of malware, web server security software keeps the sensitive information stored in the web server secure.

As part of the hardening process, web server security software may also disable insecure programs or default software that can serve as entry points of malware. It will also automatically update outdated software.

#5. Incident Response

A web server security is managed by security experts who can provide real-time solutions when an unwanted circumstance occurs. Part of web server security is incident response, a strategy that a company implements during a cyberattack.

A good incident response shortens recovery time and reduces recovery cost. With the help of security experts behind the web server security software, you can customize your cybersecurity based on your environment.

Web server security software enhances your server security, which is why it is an important component of cybersecurity. Hacking attacks are rampant, but through web server security software, you can prevent your server from getting hacked.

Comodo cWatch: Total Website and Web Application Security

cWatch is security software designed to protect websites, networks, and web servers. What are the features of cWatch?

  • Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Malware Detection and Removal.
  • DDoS Attacks Protection.
  • SQL Injection Protection.
  • Virtual Patching.
  • Website Hardening.
  • System Monitoring.
  • Threat Management.
  • Real-Time Alerts.

cWatch consists of six layers of security to keep websites and web server’s malware free and running properly. You never have to worry about your cybersecurity, and you can focus more on your growing your business.

cWatch scans your website and web server daily, then collects and logs the details of the events to keep you updated of your web server activities.

cWatch also speeds up your website content delivery through CDN servers, generating more traffic and boosting SEO ranking. Through cWatch, you can reach more of your audience and provide an excellent customer experience.


There are many web server security software available, but choose wisely because your web server security depends on it. Choose web server security software that provides comprehensive protection against cyber threats and attacks. Remember, a bad choice could also mean data breach and loss of business reputation.

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