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WordPress websites are constantly under threat from malicious attacks. They risk getting infected with malware and other destructive scripts that are designed to either steal or destroy data. There are also the risks of attacks that interfere with the performance of the website like DDOS attacks.

While the WordPress platform offers decent security, in a world that features ever-evolving threats, relying on this basic security is not enough. In order to keep your website safe, and in order to protect your users' data and privacy, there are things that you need to do. Here is a list of the most effective tips when it comes to protecting your website from attacks.

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Simple Tips Can Enhance Your WordPress Website's Security

Invest in a good WordPress scanner

Before you start worrying about external threats, you need to ensure that your website hasn't already been infected with malware and other harmful scripts. This is because this type of software can still present security loopholes that can be exploited and so identifying them and then getting rid of them should always be the first step when it comes to enhancing your website's security.

A good WordPress scanner should be able to scan your website and identify any malicious code. It should also be armed with the tools necessary to eliminate, or at least quarantine, the harmful software. Such a scanner can also come in handy in helping you to identify any weaknesses in your WordPress website that can be eliminated and it can therefore give you a good idea on where you should start as far as boosting your WordPress website's security is concerned.

Update all your plugins

One of the most common areas that hackers attack when it comes to WordPress is plugins. They tend to present obvious security vulnerabilities and hackers always seek to exploit these vulnerabilities. The good news is that most plugin developers always update their plugins in order to fix any vulnerabilities that they identify. As a result, any time you fail to update your WordPress plugins, you are leaving your website vulnerable to attacks.

Therefore, simply updating your website can go a long way towards making your website less vulnerable to attacks. In fact, with the current version of WordPress, you can simply automate this process. All you have to do is to go to the plugin settings and then enable automatic updates. Doing this will ensure that any security loopholes are sealed as soon as the developers of the plugins that you are using discover them.

Take advantage of cloud-based security offered by CDNs

The main reason why owners of WordPress websites use Content Delivery Networks is to improve the performance of their websites. However, this is usually not the only benefit that these networks provide. In most cases, they tend to employ advanced security and privacy systems that are guaranteed to repel even the most advanced of attacks. And since these companies spend a significant portion of their capital towards ensuring that they have the latest and best technologies as far as security is concerned, using any of them will afford your website access to the benefits that come with the installation of world-class security systems. Therefore, using a CDN is an easy way to ensure that your website is protected from attacks like DDOS attacks. Doing so will guarantee better security for your users and better performance for your website.

Using two-factor authentication

Sometimes, hackers get access to websites by simply trying different log-in details. This technique is usually referred to as a brute force attack and it has proven to be quite effective over the years. An easy solution to such type of attack is to use more complex passwords, but these tend to be hard to remember. Furthermore, with more advanced hacking software, even the best of passwords can be cracked.

Using two-factor authentication is one of the best ways of preventing brute-force attacks. This is because even if the hackers are able to guess your log-in details, they will still need to have access to your phone in order to be able to access your website. This is hard to do and in most cases, it is usually enough to discourage even the most determined hackers.

There are a lot of services that can enable two-factor authentication. There are even free plug-ins that can allow you to add this extra security layer to your website. Using any of them will go a long way towards preventing the inconveniences and losses that tend to occur due to malware infections or hacking attacks.

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