Best Open Source SQL Injection Tools

When someone performs an SQL injection attack, they get access to your credit card information, passwords, and personal details. The perpetrators often use the best SQL injection tools to successfully gather data, develop the correct payload, and explore different types of SQL injections techniques.

Here are the common tools used for this trade.

5 Best SQL Injection Tools

BSQL Hacker

While performing an SQL injection, this BSQL tool automatically siphons information from the database, and performs a thread of attacks against web applications. It comes in console support and GUI for saving the attacked data, and supports a host of injection points that include HTTP headers, query strings, and cookies.

Using the default authentication, you can login a web account, and perform a string of given attacks from that point. With the ability to access both protected and invalid URLs, BSQL can perform different types of SQL injection attacks that include:

Best SQL Injection
  • Blind SQL injection
  • Time-based SQL blind injection
  • Deep blind SQL injection
  • SQL error injection

Supporting a host of servers such as MSSQL, MySQL, and ORACLE, it is the ideal database penetrator.

White Widow

Among the vulnerability scanning tools, white widow stands as one of the best tools for exploiting weaknesses, and penetrating databases. Pen testers and security personnel in particular, find this tool interesting for its ability to detect potentially vulnerable websites on Google.

By sending thousands of SQL queries to Google, this open-source software is able to track weaknesses in a web application, and servers that can then be exploited manually later. Developed in ruby language programming, it depends on mechanize, nokogiri, rest-client, web mock, and rspec to work effectively.


With arguably the most powerful engine detector, this open-source software is adept at tracking web application vulnerability, exploiting these weaknesses, and using them to launch an attack for a takeover of the database server.

It supports database servers like ORACLE, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, SQLite, Firebird, and Sybase and can perform a stringent of attacks that include; Boolean blind-based, error-based, time-based, UNION query-based, and out-of-band SQL techniques.

Having an in-built password hash recognition system, it is able to identify passwords and crack them through the dictionary attack. Once inside, the attacker can search for specific tables, columns, and database names, while also use SQLmap to send prompt commands, including retrieval of output from the database server.

A complete SQLmap injection attack involves:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Exploit
  • Keeping access
  • Covering tracks


As an open source SQL injection tool for the MySQL database server, the SQLSus allows you to perform a sequence of commands like injecting SQL queries, and SQL injection attacks. With this tool, you can inject your own codes, gain access to a powerful data mining algorithm, and clone a database.

Like most tools, it supports HTTPS, cookies, socks proxy, and binary retrieving of data. The series of attacks launched by the SQLSus are organized in multi-threads for numerous attacks. It is through GET and POST that these attacks happen.

Safe3 SQL Injector

With the ability to gain remote access to database servers, the safe3 SQL injector is able to wreak havoc by exploiting web server flaws. It first recognizes the injection type, and then formulates a way to exploit it.

Through the support of database servers like ORACLE, MySQL, and MS SQL, it launches a series of injection attacks via POST, GET, and cookies that if successful, will allow you to take over command and retrieve the necessary output, in an automated fashion.

Features of the safe3 SQL injector include:

  • Support of all the SQL injection techniques
  • Powerful AI that easily recognizes flaws
  • Support to web path and IP domain query

Risks Associated with Best SQL Injection

While SQL is a white hat technique of gaining access to web application servers, the risk is huge.

Deleting System Data

Performing an SQL injection is always at the risk of losing a lot of sensitive data in the process. Even the best hackers never know how a systems server might react to a breach.

Changing Sensitive Data

Although you may have the best intentions, injecting an SQL may expose sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details, or private information to external attackers. With such critical details, these people have the power to harm you.

Final Thoughts on the Best SQL Injectors

The best SQL injection tools offer a smooth and easy process of identifying vulnerabilities, exploiting these flaws, and gaining arbitrary command of web servers. Using tools such as the BSQL hacker, white widow, and SQLSus among others, will help you to successfully penetrate any web application server.

Be mindful of the risks associated however, the effects are almost always permanent.

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