The proliferation of advanced hacking techniques enables hackers to hack many websites. In fact, Google Safe Browsing discovers thousands of unsafe websites every day. What this implies is that many websites contain hidden threats that put users' computers at risk. The problem is that you, a website owner, might be unaware that your site has been hacked until you get blacklisted.

What Are the Signs That Your Site Has Been Hacked?

1. Redirecting to Another Website

A website redirecting to another website is a sure sign that your site has been hacked. Most likely, a phishing URL has been inserted on your website that redirects users to unwanted pages. It creates a fake login page to steal usernames and passwords.

Your Site Has Been Hacked

2. Intrusive Ads and Pop-Ups

Normally, website owners authorize ads and pop-ups on their websites. However, if you notice intrusive ads on your website, it is a sign that your site has been hacked. The malicious ads and pop-ups are carefully pixelated to conceal the code that executes malware when users click on them.

3. Modified Contents

Have you noticed that your website content has been modified? It's another sign that your site has been hacked. Hackers modify web contents and replace them with their own. The technique is called Defacement ands can seriously affect your SEO.

4. Slow Website

Is your website unusually slower than before? It is a sign that hidden malicious elements are slowing down your website. A website shouldn't take more than five seconds to load. If it's taking awhile, it could have been hacked.

5. Malicious Codes

Hackers insert a malicious code through system vulnerabilities, called SQL Injection. It enables them to access the web server and steal sensitive information. If you notice any unfamiliar codes while going through your database, it is a sign that your site has been hacked.

What Are the Risks If Your Site Has Been Hacked?

Getting Blacklisted

If your site has been hacked, the chances that it will get blacklisted by Google and other blacklisting authorities are high. Blacklisting authorities protect their users from getting hacked, so if they verify that your website is unsafe because it contains phishing links, malware, and malvertising, they will blacklist it. You have to get your website fixed first before you can appeal for re-evaluation. Note that a website blacklist removal is a long process.

Poor Search Engine Ranking

The result of your website getting blacklisted is poor search engine ranking. If your website gets blacklisted, it will disappear on search engines. Therefore, it becomes inaccessible to users, destroying your SEO.

Bad Website Reputation

If your site has been hacked, sensitive information stored on the web server, such as usernames, passwords, and other personal details, can get compromised. Eventually, it will result in data theft and unauthorized transactions. If that happens, you will lose the trust of your customers and you might never earn it again.

Fix It With Comodo cWatch

If you believe that your site has been hacked, Comodo cWatch can get it fixed. It offers free malware detection and removal.

Using advanced malware scanners, Comodo cWatch detects hidden malware and malicious codes on your website. It cleans your website of phishing URLs, malvertising, and infected pop-ups, which stops your website from redirecting to other websites and executing malware on users' computers.

Once your website has been cleaned of cyber threats, Comodo cWatch scans it for vulnerabilities. Through virtual patching, all possible entries of malware are patched quickly, enhancing your website security. Comodo cWatch also hardens your web server to prevent sensitive information from getting hacked.

To maintain your website security, Comodo cWatch constantly monitors your data and web traffic. This detects unusual activities that can potentially lead to a cyber attack. It will utilize your data to prevent cyber attacks from occurring.

To ensure that you can get your website back online without a hassle if you ever encounter any problem, Comodo cWatch automatically backs up your website content on secure storage. It is constantly monitored by security experts to prevent malicious modifications and data theft.


If your site has been hacked, take action immediately to prevent serious damage. Clean and fix your website with a reputable website security solution. By applying security measures, you can prevent your website from getting hacked again.

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