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Will cWatch work with security products from other vendors?

Comodo’s Security solutions lead the industry when it comes to interoperability with other vendors’ products and systems. Widespread product interoperability means that the solutions can be easily incorporated into heterogeneous environments, allowing businesses to get up and running and become productive faster.

Is it difficult to deploy the cWatch platform solution?

Because of the cloud-based design and pre-testing of components, cWatch can be set up and deployed in minimal time. Once powered up and attached to the network, it typically requires about two hours to begin logging and monitoring data events.

We have dedicated teams in place that perform monitoring, reporting and similar analytical activities. The cWatch platform is a robust enterprise system that can make these activities more efficient, more responsive and less resource-intensive. Better configuration management can also enhance your ability to meet regulatory compliance mandates.

Why would we need a system like this?

Changing regulatory frameworks and increased incidents of data security breaches and network intrusions make it essential for every enterprise to have a security strategy that includes comprehensive real-time monitoring, intelligent logging and verifiable compliance management.

How can cWatch platform reduce operational cost?

The capabilities of the cWatch platform can be leveraged across multiple groups, including security, IT operations, business operations and compliance. External specialist resources are generally not necessary to operate and maintain the platform components, which helps to minimize ongoing costs. Adhering strictly to regulatory mandates can also help avoid costly fines and penalties andpotential loss of company reputation if data breaches go undetected.

The reporting requirements in our organization are very unique and specialized; will this platform work for us?

The cWatch platform features very flexible custom reporting capabilities in addition to standard reporting functions that address the most common regulatory requirements. Even complex reporting requirements can be handled efficiently.

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