cWatch WebSecurity Service Benefits


cWatch Prevention

Cwatch helps prevent corporate breaches; it monitors all network traffic, blocks malicious and potentially malicious executables and provides immediate alerts. The benefits/features include-

  • Easy setup & configuration, less technical requirements, economical.
  • Advanced Threat Protection, website/URL filtering and rules-based notifications.
  • Containerization of unknown applications. These would run in sandbox environment.
  • Cloud-based malware analysis with comprehensive malware activity report.
  • User-friendly interface and remote logging.

24x7x365 Protection

Comodo cWatch Web Security provides round the clock protection of your web applications and servers by top level security experts and best of breed tools:

  • Continuous monitoring by Comodo SOC Security Experts that have deep expertise in application security monitoring and management
  • Real-time security event monitoring
  • 24x7x365 incident handling and response
  • Expert tuning and configuration management
  • Continuous policy and prevention updates
  • Continuous web application firewall management

Immediate Compliance

cWatch Web Security service provides immediate compliance to PCI DSS 6.6 without an application source code review or vulnerability assessment. Immediate compliance to PCI DSS 6.6. is achieved by

  • Fully managed and updated web application firewall
  • Protection against OWASP Top 10 threats
  • Application security monitoring and virtual patching
  • Real time alerting, incident handling and response
  • Continuous analysis of WAF and environment logs

360 Degrees Application Security Monitoring

cWatch Web Security offers a holistic approach to web application security by providing full server environment monitoring of not only the Web Server itself but also the following critical server components:

  • Middleware Applications
  • Database Access
  • Configuration Changes
  • Server Authentication
  • Security Logs
  • Anomaly Detection and Machine Learning
  • Control Panel

Web Hosting Platform Support

Comodo cWatch Web Security offers an ideal platform for web hosting companies that aim to provide secure, continuous service to their customers. There are many benefits of subscribing to cWatch Web Security:

  • Simple Server based licensing that provides protection to multi-tenant web sites
  • Structured licensing without hidden costs
  • Seamless Integration with well known control panels
  • Server and application security bundled together
  • Quick and Easy Deployment without the hassle of configuring and tuning operating systems and web servers
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