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Comodo cWatch SOC

Centralized security management. Protect data and applications on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments across multiple layers - network, system and web application

Comodo cWatch Security-as-a-Service improves your security visibility and compliance programs. We integrate 24x7 active monitoring by security experts with network threat detection, log management, vulnerability assessment and web application protection. With automation and analytics built in, you get the continuous monitoring and actionable security intelligence your organization needs to protect your data, wherever it resides.

Comodo cWatch SOC extends your internal IT team’s capacity to protect your applications, systems and networks with advanced security solutions that are easy to implement, fully managed and do not require large upfront investments. It is designed to absorb the time-consuming and complex security incident investigation process, while offloading the high costs of an in-house security staff.


Web SOC Provides

  • Complete threat investigations and analysis
  • Threat assessment reports to identify risks
  • Reverse malware and suspect application engineering
  • PCI compliance and vulnerability scans

Certified security experts provide 24x7 monitoring of network traffic looking for threats that could compromise data or impact system availability. With real-time network monitoring and proactive incident identification, our security experts are able to notify organizations and take necessary actions quickly when an attack is detected.

  • Continuous monitoring by Comodo SOC Web Security Experts that have deep expertise in application security monitoring and management
  • Real-time security event monitoring
  • 24x7x365 incident handling and response
  • Expert tuning and configuration management
  • Continuous policy and prevention updates
  • Continuous web application firewall management

SOC Web Security Benefits

Reduced Cost

We manage your entire monitoring and security incident investigation process, for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments. You can avoid the costly investment of hiring or training an internal security team.

Managed Security, Delivered as-a-Service

With our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, there isn’t any complex implementation or maintenance—just the latest security technology and certified analysts working for you.

Security Expertise for a Swift Recovery

Improve your overall security posture and recover from breaches and compromises faster with dedicated help from security experts.

The SOC, using the award-winning Comodo cWatch cloud-based security and compliance platform, delivers continuous protection and deep security and compliance insights to organizations no matter where their IT resides-- in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment. Staffed by certified security analysts and employing state-of-the-art technology, the SOC transforms raw security event data into actionable incidents, providing a valuable perspective on global threat activity that dramatically increases the security and compliance posture of any organization. The combined expertise of the research team and Security Operations Center ensures rapid detection and response to incidents that aim to harm an organization’s ability to operate, steal their intellectual property or expose their customers’ data.

The security research team plays a pivotal role in delivering continuous protection to the Comodo cWatch customer base. While the Comodo cWatch SOC is providing around-the-clock security monitoring, daily log review, web application firewall management and advanced anomaly detection, the Comodo cWatch research team is hard at work researching emerging threats, reviewing threat trends and creating new security content that feeds the Comodo cWatch platform. Up-to-date security content enables the Comodo cWatch solution to eliminate irrelevant events and hone in on those events that warrant investigation by an analyst. Comodo cWatch’s investment into mining threat intelligence, creating content continuously and managing content for our customers means organizations are protected at a level few could obtain with their internal IT staff.

The Web SOC removes the burden of around-the-clock monitoring from organizations’ already taxed internal IT staff, allowing these strategic resources to focus on projects and tasks that drive their business forward. The Comodo cWatch SOC extends an internal IT team’s capacity to protect their applications, computing and network infrastructure with advanced security solutions that are easy to implement, fully-managed and do not require large upfront investments. With the Comodo cWatch SOC, organizations gain the ability to protect web applications. With Comodo cWatch, experts proactively investigate malformed website requests in order to identify and implement required policy changes, respond to incidents, and provide ongoing tuning services as new threats appear. Organizations can alsoetect security and compliance issues from log data, as Comodo cWatch automates log collection, aggregation and normalization of log data across an organization’s entire environment. Log review analysts review predefined reports to root out potential compliance and security issues andidentify and mitigate network threats. With Comodo cWatch intrusion detection and vulnerability scan capabilities, security experts monitor network traffic for suspicious activity, analyze identified incidents and escalate according to the organization’s custom requirements. The SOC is staffed with security and compliance experts that provide a wealth of knowledge required to secure an organization’s environment. Beyond the around-the-clock security monitoring, this specialized team of experts routinely completes the following tasks for customers:

  • Complete threat investigations and analysis to deliver recommended remediation steps to the impacted organization
  • * Threat assessment reports to identify risks to applications, network and computing infrastructure, based on threat intelligence mined from a variety of internal and external sources
  • Reverse engineer malware and suspect applications to obtain valuable information in order to drive new security content used to protect Comodo cWatch’s entire customer base from future compromises
  • Perform PCI and vulnerability scans to determine at-risk systems for either compliance violations or known exploits The SOC blends the operational function of security monitoring with in-depth analysis to effectively identify and mitigate known and unknown threats.
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