Comodo cWatch SaaS


cWatch SaaS


SaaS Overview

A complete solution for on-premises, hybrid or cloud environments

Comodo cWatch was developed to counter the growing number of data breaches by continually validating network and server integrity through cloud-based cyber detection and breach detection. Based on a modular design, it allows organizations to combine various modules, allowing them to monitor all aspects of the network including users and devices.

cWatch provides relief from the security alert problem, providing a fully-managed Breach Prevention and Compliance solution. Its modular design allows you to deploy just the sensors your organization needs from Web Application Security (WAF), endpoints, database or networks both on-premise or in the cloud. cWatch expert security professionals at Comodo Security Operations Center (SOC) and Comodo Threat Research Labs (CTRL) monitor your organization with 24/7 human analysis and alert generation, providing your organization with exactly the information needed to keep your data safe.

Whenever there is a major malware attack, IT organizations often turn the microscope inward to see whether they, too, could be impacted.

Comodo is a pioneer in breach and threat detection, including remediation, empowering organizations to avoid threats and disarm attacks that can lead to unwanted headlines and penalties. cWatch technology assures organizations that their environment is secure, audits are clean, regulations are met and vulnerabilities are addressed proactively to ensure the integrity of enterprise IT. The cWatch managed solution provides visibility and remediation before these threats can have impact, ensuring security, compliance and operational efficiency.

Comodo cWatch brings website security to the next level by monitoring all of your websites 24x7x365 by experts from the Comodo SOC who will handle incident response and provide state of the art signature-based, machine learning and expertly handcrafted security prevention policies that are all constantly updated to ensure protection from emerging threats. cWatch Web Security provides around- the- clock protection of your web applications and servers by top level security experts and best-of-breed tools:

  • Continuous monitoring by Comodo SOC security experts that have deep expertise in application security monitoring and management
  • Real-time security event monitoring
  • 24x7x365 incident handling and response
  • Expert tuning and configuration management
  • Continuous policy and prevention updates
  • Continuous web application firewall management
  • Immediate compliance
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