Web Security Diamond

Business Benefits

Comodo's cWATCH Web Security Diamond is the most comprehensive, security as a service solution that provides end to end security for your applications whether they reside on premises, in the cloud or in hosting environments. Achieving and maintaining strong level of application security is an advanced task that requires broad perspective and expertise in diverse fields of cybersecurity. We created Web Security Premier to offer you a 360 degree security for your applications regardless of where they reside.

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Key Features and Benefits

Cloud Based WAF

cWATCH Cloud WAF is activated by a simple DNS change without any need for installation or configuration change. You can start benefiting from comprehensive static security rules combined with analytics and threat intelligence with 7/24 expert security monitoring and management, in minutes simply by subscribing. Comodo cWATCH cloud WAF guarantees deployment with zero downtime and no business disruptions while deployment.

Automated Malware Scan and Cleaning

Automated malware scans and cleaning provide a 24x7x365 malware free environment for your web applications. Our security experts will check your server to verify complete recovery after each automated cleaning and perform manual cleaning if needed.

Vulnerability Scanning

Every network is vulnerable to security threats. And our vulnerability scanning tool helps you to proactively identify security vulnerabilities - by searching for security flaws and generating a report of the findings - within your network. This way, you can realize your network's weak points and strengthen them accordingly based on the results generated by our scanning tool.

Virtual Patching

Websites may contain several security vulnerabilities, addressing which can be time-consuming. This means the website has to go "under construction" until those issues are fixed. Using our virtual patching feature you can prevent "such security vulnerabilities from being exploited", without having to modify your website's source code, and thus ensure your business runs smoothly.

Web Integrity Monitoring

Detection of changes in files of a web application is a crucial part of web application security monitoring. cWATCH Web Security automatically tracks changes to your web application files and alerts on any detected malicious activity and experts at cWATCH immediately begin root cause analysis. Web integrity monitoring starts with a scan in order to create a baseline. After this baseline created and all malicious code is cleaned each change to your files are tracked. If any infectious or malicious change is detected it is cleaned due to the automated and manual cleaning procedures of Comodo Security Operations Center.

Cloud, On Premises, Hosted and Hybrid Deployment

cWATCH Web Security Diamond can be deployed to on premises, cloud, hosted or hybrid environments to provide web application security for different business and technology scenarios of hosting your applications. Wherever you application resides, Comodo Web Security Diamond provides an end-to-end security that exceeds expectations.

Back-in-Time Backup&Restore Just Before the Attack

Unexpected things might happen despite all precautions and monitoring. Comodo cWATCH Web Security will always be ahead of un-expectancy and give you uninterrupted service by restoring your assets before bad things happen. By our intelligent backup solution with continuous monitoring, your business will always be intact and online

24x7x365 Monitoring, Incident Handling and Response

No security solution is complete without human interaction. There are many advanced techniques that try to reduce false positives and generate meaningful alerts bu nothing beats an expert human eye when it comes to identification and classification.

Comodo cWATCH Web Security brings top level security experts at your service so that you can be sure about the significance of the event when you are contacted. We eliminate all other events and escalate only the required ones with well-defined automated and manual procedures to ensure your valuable time is spent in the right place.

Monitor and Correlate Early Warnings and Alerts

Early warnings are signs of a high probability that something serious will happen even if the entire system is working properly. Alerts are more severe warnings indicating increase in possibility, severity or decrease in time frame of the event.Systems and applications generate these warnings and alerts but human attention is required in order to respond to them. Comodo cWATCH gathers, continuously monitors and correlates these events with other indicators to draw human attention required and cWATCH security experts analyze these fine grained alerts for timely action to prevent from serious outcomes like business disruption.

Business Benefits of Web Security Diamond

Reduce your costs

You do not have to employ and maintain expensive, highly skilled security professionals in order to keep your business safe! We offer a more effective way called security as a service that will keep you on top of every cyber threat without the cost of running an IT security center. Let our experts do their best for your cybersecurity while you do your best in business for your customers without distraction.

Security as a service model

Our cloud based software as a service model is designed to eliminate the hassle of complex configurations, time consuming deployments that disrupts businesses and loads of money to keep everything in shape. Simply subscribe and let us deal with everything else.

Security expertise

There is a growing human resources gap in cybersecurity skills that results in expensive staff or low skill set. Our experts at Comodo cWATCH will close this gap and improve your security posture by monitoring your environment, and providing one to one extended help for fast recovery from breaches or compromises.