Hackers also take
advantage of steals on

Internet Security Sale On Black Friday

Bad actors are specifically targeting websites on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

A hacked site is hard to recognize until it's too late and can cause:

  • Critical Data loss
  • Decreased Speeds
  • Downtime
  • Malware spread

There are some steps you can still take, however.

Enable a website security solution like cWatch Web PRO for less than $1 a week!

  • Continuous Comprehensive Scans
  • Automatic Malware Cleanup and Repair
  • Team of LIVE 24/7 Security Experts
  • Latest Cloud Security Technology
  • Managed Firewall Protection
  • Payment Card Industry Scans

If you’re just shopping online, especially looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, security experts recommend watching out for scams and fake websites.

Scan any website for free using our Site Score scanner. (https://cwatch.comodo.com/sitescanner/)

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